No. 30, Summer 2008

Friends to Publish Second Edition of Westchester Map
“The State’s Prettiest Public Park”
Two 19th Century Engineering Lives [March 30 Annual Meeting, speaker Sidney Horenstein about David Douglass and John Jervis]
Fred Hubbard: A Quiet Aqueduct Champion [memorial]
[List of those who helped with second edition of Westchester map]
The Early Days of the Aqueduct: A Perilous Dependency
Croton Gorge Park and Sleepy Hollow High School: Updates
Watershed Model Returns to Public View
An Elephant’s Tale, by Ed Rondthaler [about the High Bridge over the Croton River]
Additional images: Child in the Ossining weir, p. 7; “Ventilators,” historic print, 1866, p. 8

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