Before a packed crowd at the Friends’ annual meeting on April 29, Adam Bosch, a spokesman for the New York City DEP and a natural storyteller, gave a fascinating overview of the city’s water supply, with an up-close look at a huge repair project now underway: tunneling, yet again, under the Hudson to create a bypass so that a leaky tunnel can be closed off. His vivid presentation offered many memorable images, especially of the giant space-age machines boring that tunnel.


Earth Day Clean-up on the OCA

For 7 billion people worldwide, Sunday was officially Earth Day.

For me and 200 others in downtown Yonkers, it was Saturday.

As yet, I have no photos. no video, no audio, no mementos.

(Ed note: See our album on Facebook HERE.

I do have memories, tho', of an urban spring day, hundreds cloistered in a small yard.

I remember people in suits speaking at a lectern, people in sweatshirts listening and clapping. Plastic tables stacked with donated food, cardboard boxes serving up semi-warm coffee, and barrels full of local good will.