Mavis Cain  Oct.15.2009 Comments

On Sunday, October 11, on a cloudless day, Tom led a group of more than 20 hardy walkers through the parts of the sity that are atop the Aqueduct. They started at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park, made a short tour inside the 135th St Gatehouse and then on to the CCNY campus. In Hamilton Heights they saw the Alexander Hamilton House now moved to a park like setting.

Tom's famous notebook was shared so that all could get a better grasp of the history.

At Highbridge Park, everyone noticed that maintenance has improved. Undergrowth and trash have been removed and a park employee was busily planting flowers and shrubs by the renovated steep staircase up to the tower plaza. A clearing of trees allowed a photo op of the Highbridge from the trail. The walkers all went home with a better grasp of the Aqueduct's history and with a map of the Aqueduct in NYC in hand.