DAlden  Mar.04.2024


Event organizer Norma Silva pulled together another very impactful ILMPD on a section of the Aqueduct that borders Westchester County’s Tibbitts Brook Park, sponsored as always by Parks & Trails NY (which provided the red t-shirts) in collaboration with Westchester Parks Foundation, River Keeper Sweep and Groundwork Hudson Valley’s Green Team. They were delighted to have their work acknowledged by the presence of City of Yonkers Council Member Corazon Pineda-Issac.

Amazing what 38 volunteers could accomplish!

They removed 126 tires that had been dumped on the Trail.

They also removed a significant amount of trash – 580 pounds worth!

They also removed 35 bags full of invasive plants, including Garlic mustard and Multi-flora rose, making space for restoration planting in the fall.

That took place in October when 48 native ecotype species of Goldenrod were planted in collaboration with Wild Woods Restorations Project, which supplied the plants and supervised the planting.

And on May 5 2024 Norma Silva will pull together the various community members and local organizations to host I Love My Park Day in the same location, building on the considerable successes of the past few years. Stay alert for the announcement that registration has opened, scheduled for early April.