The Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct are committed to preserving the historic structures atop and underneath the trail. The Friends took part in the reopening of the High Bridge and undertook the complete renovation and reopening of the Keeper's House in Dobbs Ferry.

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If you’ve walked or skied by the Keeper’s House on these cold winter days, you may be wondering what progress is being made. You can see that the gaping east wall is being filled with appropriate bricks. You may be aware that every effort is being made to use the original bricks for repairs to keep the integrity of the house. If we run short of old bricks, some can be rescued from an unnecessary chimney. The other worrisome exterior problem is the southwest corner. You’ll see the scaffolding – a good sign of work in progress.

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29, Spring 2008
Newsletter Issue: 
17 Spring 2004
Wooden water pipes from the early 1800s, unearthed last year in lower Manhattan
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21, Summer 2005
Newsletter Issue: 
16, Winter 2003
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03, May 1999