No. 24, Summer 2006

A Door Opens in the Pocantico Weir
Reality Arts on the Aqueduct [high-schoolers’ video and High Bridge model]
Was the Murray Hill Reservoir in Bryant Park?
Croton Dam Planning Traced at Annual Meeting [speaker, Robert Kornfeld, Jr.; election of Ruth Gastel and Tom Tarnowsky to Friends' Board]
Aqueduct News/In Brief
Autumn Walks and Weir Chamber Visits Led by Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct and New York State Parks
Something New [Friends’ Meet & Greet Team]
Additional images: New copper cladding on Aqueduct barn cupola, p. 5; survey of Keeper’s House area, p. 5; demolition of the Murray Hill Reservoir, c. 1898-1900, p. 8

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