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Back issue articles from 1997-2012 will be added and archived here as time permits.

A Memoir of the Archville Bridge

Newsletter Issue: 
31, Winter 2008-2009

Two 19th Century Engineering Lives

Newsletter Issue: 
30 Summer 2008
Southward view shows Murray Hill Reservoir

Was the Murray Hill Reservoir in Bryant Park?

Newsletter Issue: 
24, Summer 2006
Wooden water pipes from the early 1800s, unearthed last year in lower Manhattan

Historic Wooden Water Pipes Unearthed

Newsletter Issue: 
21, Summer 2005

Croton Taverns, Then and Now

Newsletter Issue: 
17, Spring 2004
Section of the Croton Aqueduct showing manner of inspecting. (From "Croton Water

Operating the Aqueduct

Newsletter Issue: 
10, December 2001

Inspecting the Tunnel, ca. 1877

Newsletter Issue: 
05, February 2000

Picnic at Croton Lake, 1873

Newsletter Issue: 
03, May 1999

Poe Walking on the High Bridge

Newsletter Issue: 
33, Summer 2009

Location of Manhattan Ventilator Discovered

Newsletter Issue: 
16, Winter 2003