Newsletter Articles

The FOCA Newsletter was published several times a year and contained scholarly articles on the history, engineering, and sociological importance of the Aqueduct, as well as lively stories about the people who built it.

Back issue articles will be added and archived here as time permits.

A Memoir of the Archville Bridge

Newsletter Issue: 
31, Winter 2008-2009

Two 19th Century Engineering Lives

Newsletter Issue: 
30 Summer 2008

Was the Murray Hill Reservoir in Bryant Park?

Newsletter Issue: 
24, Summer 2006

Historic Wooden Water Pipes Unearthed

Newsletter Issue: 
21, Summer 2005

Croton Taverns, Then and Now

Newsletter Issue: 
17, Spring 2004

Operating the Aqueduct

Newsletter Issue: 
10, December 2001

Inspecting the Tunnel, ca. 1877

Newsletter Issue: 
05, February 2000

Picnic at Croton Lake, 1873

Newsletter Issue: 
03, May 1999

Poe Walking on the High Bridge

Newsletter Issue: 
33, Summer 2009

Location of Manhattan Ventilator Discovered

Newsletter Issue: 
16, Winter 2003