STGorman  Oct.31.2015

OCA update-Yonkers division: Road crossing improvements- After some initial discussions with local FOCA members, the city of Yonkers has returned to the practice of repainting crosswalks at the 20 or so road crossings of the OCA trail within city borders. The city has an aggressive and ongoing road restoration program and have responded to requests that they repaint trail crosswalks at road crossings. In addition, they will replace old signs with new hi-viz versions showing updated ped/cycle graphics. The city engineer has determined that curb cuts are appropriate at some crossings and will include these improvements in future road work. Finished improvements so far, with more to come: O'Dell Ave - new curb cuts, crosswalks, and signs Arthur Ave - new crosswalks and signs Glenwood Ave - new crosswalks and signs Wicker St - new crosswalks and signs Glenwood and O'Dell are the most significant, they are high traffic access conduits to train stations and have blind curves in proximity to the trail crossings. We've noticed that biking/jogging/walking traffic on the trail has doubled or tripled this year....truly great. The city of Yonkers and especially the DPW have taken note and improved their responsiveness and outreach. In addition to their involvement in spring clean-ups, the DPW has been ultra-quick in their response time (via the city hotline) to public dumping alerts and to curbside pick-up requests after smaller trail cleaning efforts. We clocked them at 10 minutes after a call-in to the hotline last weekend. Bravo!! -- Shaun T Gorman