DAlden  Mar.18.2022


March 13, 2022

First day! Delivering the materials to prepare the site: Carlos, Carlos and Julio

March 14, 2022

Day 2 Excavation

And the work continued: This boulder has been split to prepare it to serve as a base for the wall; Jorge wraps a chain on it for transport:

Ivan maneuvers the excavator to move the huge boulder to serve as the base of the wall

Mission accomplished; if one looks closely one can see the boulder has been deposited at the base

March 15, 2022

Ivan maneuvers the excavator to deliver stones to the workmen who are carefully positioning stones on the wall; the larger ones on the bottom.

March 16, 2022

Much has been accomplished; stones placed on top

With stones from the original wall and the addition of similar material purchased for the project, a new wall is built a few feet at a time, with gravel for drainage placed behind the stones and the landscape fabric installed behind the gravel, which will prevent the infiltration of soil and even roots.


Jorge is pleased with the work accomplished today

Steve Oakes, Park Manager visited today to observe the progress to date.

This shows the sign installed on the trail announcing the work and requesting donations.