FOCAAdmin  Mar.06.2023

On February 12th, The Keeper's House drew a crowd that spilled over onto the front lawn.

Cornelia Cotton, a long time member of the Friends has collected historic engravings, watercolors, hand colored steel engravings — most of which have never been seen by us. Cornelia made personal comments about some of the artists, bringing the show to life. She herself has a very interesting background. She grew up in Germany in a family of artists, her father was a professional violinist and her mother a dancer. Her neighbors were part of the Bauhaus group. No wonder Cornelia brings a dramatic skill to her talk about her amazing collection. The audience responded well to her comments on the famous FB Tower Book on “Illustrations of the Croton Aqueduct” published in 1842. The Friends own a copy of this prestigious book and we welcome requests to see and handle it. Mavis Cain President of FOCA or Charlotte Fahn can arrange for a viewing.