FOCAAdmin  Jan.15.2021

Adam Bartlett and an intrepid group of 9 runners decided to start off their New Year's Eve with a run of the entire 41 miles of the Old Croton Aqueduct route.

He writes:

"It was truly an epic day, made very difficult by the slippery mud conditions of a vast majority of the trail. Much of it was walked and not run by necessity !

We started with 9 in Croton. One dropped out after 8 miles due to a nagging ankle issue. Four finished the 41 miles (one super-fast brave solo adventurer and then the group of 3 of which I was a part). The remaining 4 completed the 26 mile version."

You can view the entire album HERE.


A dark and rainy start

Briarcliff Manor



Muddy sneakers


Matthew Spinale at Yonkers



Van Cortlandt Park



The High Bridge


After the run, Rockefeller Center


Mission Accomplished