FOCAAdmin  Nov.25.2020

The Mercy campus is right on the trail in Dobbs Ferry, but on a Saturday in November a group of students went further afield to parts of the Aqueduct where they don’t usually walk.

They assembled at a neglected section of the Aqueduct in Yonkers at Summit Street. It is a section that caught the attention of Mercy Professor, Mary Allison Murphy who teaches Exercise Science. The students got plenty of exercise picking up trash in an area that for some reason is abused by those who live in the area. One piece of trash encourages trash and it piles up.

Under Allison Murohy’s direction, this area was soon ready for a photo op. Mavis Cain and Joe Kozlowski pitched in working a solid two or three hours with the students.

Many thanks to Prof Murphy and the students who deserve an A plus!