Mavis Cain  Feb.14.2010 Comments

Take advantage of the snow and try skiing on the trail. It's amazingly good in certain sections. I went out 3 times last week on the sections from Dobbs Ferry down to Yonkers.If you are the first one out you have to make a track away from the walkers' path - which is a bit slow going but on your return it's good. One has to clump across the streets and occasionally take the skis off - at 5 corners in Hastings for instance.

Another good section is from Mercy College north to Lyndhurst and maybe the best is from Sleepy Hollow High School north, paralleling Rockefeller Estate and then going into the estate.

If you don't have skis, Jaggers, in Bedford is a good place to get them.

Let's hope the snow lasts for a few more good weekends.
Mavis Cain.