Mavis Cain  Sep.23.2009

Part of the pleasure of walking the Aqueduct is finding the off-shoots and exploring them. On September 13, five brave women with Mavis and Joe Kozlowski tackled the overgrown carriage road from the Aqueduct to Untermyer Park starting at the Lion and the headless unicorn.

"They've got to replace the head!" someone shouted. Indeed, a headless unicorn could be an ordinary horse. Up through the tangle of shrubs we went - over and under fallen trees and then on to a place so boggy the women decided Joe would have to lie down and become a bridge for us to walk over. He gallantly agreed but we let him off.

Untermyer Park is another world. We discussed its history and explored the garden with the griffins, the mosaic tiled pool, and the greek columns - the stage where Isadora Duncan had danced.

Off the Beaten Aqueduct can be a different kind of a walk worth the effort.