Mavis Cain  May.10.2010 Comments

The Annual Meeting pulled in a big crowd, despite rainy weather. Mavis Cain, president, gave an update of recent activities. She was followed by Tom Tarnowsky who presented the slate of board members who were duly approved by the audience. Bob Kornfeld presented the schedule of the Keeper's House project. Construction bids go out as soon as the mechanical specs are approved by the State Department of Transport. Drawings were available for all to study.

The highlight of the day was Captain Scott Craven's talk: "How the Aqueduct changed the course of the Croton River - and History." An appreciative audience asked probing questions and gave Scott a round of enthusiastic applause. We are so fortunate to have had such a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker.

Mavis presented awards to the trusty members who, when they walk on the trail, remember to bring a bag to pick up litter. We call these thoughtful members our "bag people". Sumi Koide, Louise Hubbard, Bruce Richards and Randy Klipstein are all "bag people"

Tom Tarnowsky introduced our newest Board member, Laura Compagni, who has already made major contributions to interpretive planning for the Keeper's House when it is, at last, a museum.

Myla Kato Duvally, a scholarship student at Manhattan School of Music entertained us at the piano with selections from Bach, Beethoven and others. Myla played at the beginning of the program and at the end. She has promised to come back for our next event.

The Friends want to thank our loyal members who support our work in so many ways.