The Keeper's House will be closed on Sunday June 11, 2023

due to a pre-scheduled event.


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Mavis Cain

I spent a happy hour in the basement of the Keeper's House with the beady eyed restoration experts from Steve Tilly's office. These talented people were tapping against crumbling walls, inspecting under floorboards to discover a pattern of cobblestones and making notes on clipboards. If it weren't such positive proof of the project getting underway, it would have been a claustrophobic experience. There was a small brick fireplace that maybe was used for cooking in a downstairs kitchen. Ceilings are low - but even a six footer can walk easily in the area.


We've added an article from our current Newsletter HERE. From time to time we'll add more articles from past issues.

Also: Don't miss the Bronx Historical Society's "Walking with Poe" tour -- including the High Bridge -- October 4th 2009 on our calendar.

Eileen Charles

We're in the thick of Aquefest planning, but here's a sneak peak of the day...At the Keepers House in DOBBS FERRY award-winning storyteller, Johnathan Kruk, will engage and delight young and old with historic tales of Henry Hudson, Robert Fulton and our own Aqueduct History! Other highlights...The Sleepy Hollow String Band, Janet Grice Trio, Aqueduct Art and fun! In HASTINGS...Acoustic Riverrun, sing along the trail with the Clearwater Walkabout Chorus, Aqueduct art, story circle and more. Stay tuned for performance schedule and times.

Mavis Cain

On Thursday, July 30th, board members met with Tilly architects at Tilly Studios to go over detailed plans for construction work on the Keeper's House. We discussed plans as detailed as placement of the boiler and how to repairs the beautiful plaster ceiling medallions in the main room and in the foyer.

The recent New York State Preservation Grant awarded to the Friends in June will help cover the gap between the original estimate and the revised estimate for construction.

Construction bids will go out before the end of the year.

Mavis Cain

The Friends recently received news of the award of a Recreational Trails grant to make the steep slope entry to the trail in Dobbs Ferry at Cedar and Main accessible to the elderly and handicapped, bikers and mothers with strollers. This grant was a very competitive one and The Friends were thrilled to receive it.

The President thanks Dobbs Ferry Mayor Scott Seskin, Trustee Paula Dambroff, and Jerry Mulligan of the Westchester County Planning Department for supporting this application.