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by Derrick León Washington, PhD.


Hiking the Old Croton Aqueduct is a life changing experience. An experience that brings hikers into contact with the different peoples that call New York home. The hike illuminates how communities work with, or sometimes even against the land to fit their needs. The trail offers a grand adventure that connects culture, architecture, ecology, and the natural world.


The Friends' own Sara Kelsey led a private weir tour on October 30 for a brownie troop of third graders from Croton who are studying water. They were amazed by the weir and the history of New York’s water system. They had lots of questions about water and how to protect it. Our future is in good hands!

On Nov 2, Sara led a private tour of the History Club of Ardsley Public Schools (grades 5-8).

Please contact us if your group is interested in such a tour.



Warburton Avenue’s southern end is still one of Yonkers’ most charming streets, with old house rooftops low enough to catch long views of the Palisades cliffs. Girl Scouts, Scout Moms, Mason brothers and Friends volunteers tidied up Warburton on a sunny morning in late October, and caught the cliffs’ fiery color.

David Windmueller

There is a new way to experience the Old Croton Aqueduct State Historic Park…virtually! Trail walker David Windmueller has traversed the 26 miles of the park from the dam to the Bronx border while recording with a GoPro 360 degree camera. Doing it in segments over the last few months, David’s videos were then uploaded using the Google Street View Studio which allows anyone to map out roads and trails for others.


One Thing Leads to Another – how We Tended the Trail in So Many Different Ways on so Many Days

An amazing series of I Love My Park Day events took place in May and June of 2022 on the northern section of the Aqueduct trail, sponsored by Parks & Trails NY and hosted by the Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct.