Mavis Cain  Sep.02.2009

I spent a happy hour in the basement of the Keeper's House with the beady eyed restoration experts from Steve Tilly's office. These talented people were tapping against crumbling walls, inspecting under floorboards to discover a pattern of cobblestones and making notes on clipboards. If it weren't such positive proof of the project getting underway, it would have been a claustrophobic experience. There was a small brick fireplace that maybe was used for cooking in a downstairs kitchen. Ceilings are low - but even a six footer can walk easily in the area. From a back door a pile of rubble had tumbled down on to the floor. Everything smells musty of course but at last, windows upstairs have been opened so there are fewer sneezes.
Pretty soon all this planning will come to fruition. Watch for news of the next phase.