DAlden  Mar.23.2022

Work accomplished 3.18.22


AM Excavation of a giant tree root to prepare one of the sections for filling in this gap

AM another site that was excavated followed by placement of the stones. Note the red string designed to establish a level top

Ivan gives thumbs up in the AM just before lunch break having done a lot of the excavation work with his trusty excavator

PM A small hole in the wall was successfully patched today

PM Completed section

PM Note the small stone chips inserted in the wall in another completed section; this is the last step in the stone wall placement

PM Board member Diane pleased with the progress made by the end of the day

PM Excavator parked at the end of the day

PM Engineer Aram inspecting the work with the Stone Mason Jorge Cabrera

Section 2A 65 feet long by 1.5 feet tall awaiting restoration on the next work day