FOCAAdmin  May.19.2019
Early drawing of Aqueduct Bridge

Everyone has favorite spots on the Aqueduct trail, like Irvingtons Octagon House, or near the dam, or over Ossinings Double Arch Bridge. But to a true wanderer, the Ossining section offers real variety. Take the Sing Sing Kill Greenway, a charming dash of watery nature right downtown. Its a good reason to explore Ossining on foot, via the main Aqueduct trail and connecting links like the Greenway. Startling echoes of old aqueduct lives linger nearby. Native American oysterers, the newly freed, bygone gentry, and rowdy immigrants all jostle for attention as you explore old Sing Sing (the name changed to Ossining in 1901). And the convenient north-south axis lets you look around without getting lost. 


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