FOCAAdmin  Jan.08.2019
Sara Cavanaugh at the Keeper's House
Audience at the Keeper's House

Hardy Aqueduct walkers and nature lovers gathered at the Keeper’s House Visitor Center on a chill and rainy January 5 to meet Sara Cavanaugh, the new curator at Westchester County’s Lenoir Preserve in northwest Yonkers, just south of the Hastings border and directly accessible from the Aqueduct (Facebook page@LenoirPreserve).  

This serene, 40-acre green space, formerly home to two estates, features terraced lawns, walking paths, a nature center, butterfly garden, and big views of the Hudson and Palisades. Sara, a credentialed and experienced environmental educator, outlined Lenoir’s history and her plans for a variety of programs, including a family-friendly maple sap-tapping session and a children’s summer camp. Lenoir is also home to the Hudson River Audubon Society of Westchester (

The audience learned from Sara that the uncommon Lincoln sparrow had been spotted at Lenoir just that morning. Plan a visit!