LWalter  Apr.05.2021

… . Smack in the midst of 200,00 people, on Yonker’s hidden gem!

In late March, arborist Guy Pardee of Suburban Native LLC took up combat along a section of North Yonkers Aqueduct Trail. Guy chops vines for a living - freeing trees, rock walls and scenic views in the process. That’s when he discovered the wildlife. Besides an owl pellet filled with mouse bones, and an osprey, he found a gulch filled with feral cats and large deer families living in backyards.

Which is good news for the rest of us…. Maybe we can’t identify invasive oriental bittersweet, but animals are entertaining.


But even an arborist can’t always win. From Untermeyer Park to Wicker Street, thickets of rose thorns draw blood instantly, even in late winter, and glass bottles underfoot acted like banana peels.


Nonetheless, thanks to Guy, river views are set to improve on that section of Aqueduct Trail. The key is where to slice the vine. One cut should be 5 feet off the ground, and again at the base. That critical air space prevents new vines from reaching the tree again.

Really, who knows the scope of exotic plant life on the Aqueduct Trail? Or the extent of the wild life in New York’s 4th largest city? Discover more on your own, and let us know what else you spot!


PS: This enormous bittersweet vine came from the trail north of Yonkers. Guy believes it’s a record for girth, at 10 inches diameter.


Speaking of Yonkers.. On Saturday, May 1 the Friends of The Old Croton Aqueduct will supervise cutting, pruning, lopping and cleaning up near Wicker Street on the trail. It’s the annual I Love My Parks Day! We have tools if you have the time…. The Friends will be there from 10am-2pm. Register at: https://ptny.wufoo.com/forms/m17hbqzu0jtunij/ ,choose the Old Croton Aqueduct Historic State Park - at Wicker Street and come meet your neighbors!