CFahn  Apr.07.2022

Aqueduct fans who enjoy strolling the trail, alternately enjoying the sights along the way and thinking about what’s going on in their life, will find a kindred spirit in Ed Perratore, author of the paperback titled One Man's Journey: A Walk on the Croton Aqueduct Trail. The book is a graceful account of Ed’s trek along the entire 26 miles of the Aqueduct trail in Westchester, made in segments over a period of years, from the New Croton Dam in Croton Gorge Park to the Yonkers-Bronx border. Interspersed with observations of the trail’s flora and fauna and its historic and more ordinary but still interesting sites are passages recounting scenes from his family life - including aiding his ailing father - and his personal thoughts about life’s vagaries. The book is amply illustrated by the author’s photographs.

"One Man's Journey: A Walk on the Croton Aqueduct Trail," paperback, illustrated, 133 pp., 2021, ISBN 9798730896475.

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