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Highbridge Park Brochure

From the NYC Parks Department's Northern Manhattan Parks Team: As part of the Highbridge Anchor Park process, we learned that many park users were unaware of the natural and recreational treasures they could experience in other parts of this 2.25-mile- long park! Now you can print the Visitors Guide and map of this incredible park that spans the entire length of Washington Heights. Use the guide on your next visit and be sure to stop at the newly restored Laurel Hill Terrace Staircase at Laurel Hill Terrace and 183rd Street and the pathway from it down to Dyckman Street!

Download the Guide in English

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Highbridge Park Trails Guide

Highbridge Park is a destination for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and history buffs alike. Magnificent cliffs, beautiful lawns, scenic overlooks, meandering forest pathways, and countless picnic areas make it a sanctuary from the city. It is composed of 130 acres of both natural forest and recreational space. Explore new trails for hiking (or mountain biking in select areas!) with the Highbridge Park Hiking Trail guide.

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