FOCAAdmin  Jul.01.2021


Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct are pleased to announce that our award-winning maps of the Aqueduct are now available for sale in the shop of Morris-Jumel Mansion in north Manhattan. The maps are in a slim, compact format, convenient to take on your walks or simply to peruse and enjoy.

The maps guide walkers as they follow the Aqueduct, offer a bounty of information about its history and engineering, and recount engaging stories about the many well-known and lesser known cultural and other features of interest along the way.

The architecture and colorful history of the eighteenth century Mansion, its charming colonial-style garden, and its strategic location that was valued by both sides during the Revolutionary War make it well worth a visit. Check hours on their website and/or call 212-923-800 before going!

All retail locations where the Friends' maps are available for sale are listed on this site HERE.

See you on the trail!