FOCAAdmin  May.14.2021

It was a fashion-forward I Love My Parks Day in North Yonkers. Thirty "models" recently converged on a scenic runway, the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, for the annual spring show of voguish volunteers, assisted by a hardworking Yonkers crew from the Dept of Public Works.

While "modelling" their best Covid tees and work sweats in a versatile Spring collection, some volunteers handily eradicated nonnative plants and trash. Uprooting over 150 pounds of wild chervil and garlic mustard was easy in new 2021 Special Edition gear!

Other "models" ranged over a half-mile stretch on photo shoots, filling 48 huge garbage bags. Trash was picked up at 3 points while organic material was given over to Yonkers Organic Yard, or safely laid to rest out of the way along the trail.

Members of the public were highly gratified to catch the May 1 I Love My Parks Day fashion fest. In fact at least 3 passersby became part of the show. Many models expressed their hopes to be included next year! Meanwhile, kudos to all the natty volunteers and stylish neighbors along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail in Yonkers.