FOCAAdmin  Jun.13.2019
View through the tunnel at Lenoir
Going into the tunnel at Lenoir
The tunnel at Lenoir
Group on trail
group on trail

On this joint walk with the Lenoir Nature Preserve’s Curator, Sara Cavanaugh, along the Old Croton Aqueduct met at the Lenoir Nature Preserve, 19 Dudley St., Yonkers, and enjoyed an easy 6-mile loop walk along the Aqueduct Trail, with time spent in the Preserve and on the Trail, exploring history and nature. Observations of participants: “We had no idea of the many sights along the Aqueduct trail!" “The Lenoir Nature Preserve provides great bird and butterfly watching and the trails within the Nature Preserve are beautiful” “The Quarry Park trail under the Aqueduct is amazing!" "the film clips at the Keeper’s House gave me a deep understanding for the first time about the Aqueduct and what it did for NYC!” Much thanks to Lenoir and Sara Cavanaugh, photos courtesy of Lenoir Preserve