FOCAAdmin  Jun.28.2016

James Bremner ( aka Friends VP, Bob Kornfeld ) welcomed the community to the beautiful house where he lived from the mid 1800s to his death in 1872. On a sunny June afternoon Keeper James Bremner told of his duties as keeper of this section of the Aqueduct, how he kept the water flowing as it traveled from the Croton Dam to the final reservoir at 42nd street. Maybe he anticipated that his home would one day be a National Historic Landmark making the entire community swell with pride. Of course he might not have recognized his old home after the beautiful rehabilitation work stimulated and financed by the Friends and documented photographically by Tom Tarnowsky and Elisa Zazzera. President Mavis Cain brought the story into the 21st Century, explaining how educational displays and exhibits will tell students and the general public how the inspirational history of the Aqueduct, affects our lives today. She told of plans for programs like one based on the prize winning work done by composer, Paula Matthiessen who has recorded all the mysterious sounds of the aqued fuct, blending them into an extraordinary composition. Sunday, June 26, was the beginning of a new life for the Keeper’s house one that will be shared of all of us. The House is for the community’s enjoyment, education and comfort. Come visit soon! Opening hours: 10am-4pm Saturdays and Sundays.