Jim Beirne  Apr.27.2022

At the Keeper's House last Saturday, April 23, it was a gathering of pre-teen Brownies and the only centenarian they are likely to meet in their lives! Ellie Carran celebrated her 100th birthday to a Brownie led chorus of the Happy Birthday song. The Brownies, fresh off International Water Day, were eager to delve into the Keeper's House exhibits. Several future engineers tackled the blocks to create their own arches. They repeated the gravity ball exhibit until it was snack time.

While some of the finer points of the OCA may have escaped them, their three takeaways were Manhattan, Water and Gravity. What was to be a 15 minute talk lasted nearly 90 minutes, as the girls found new things to amaze them.

_ Jim Beirne

Jim is a docent at the Keeper's House. Interested in becoming a docent? VOLUNTEER!