FOCAAdmin  Apr.07.2022

Our friends NYC H2O have partnered with the Watershed Agricultural Council in upstate NY to create a new series of StoryMaps: Agriculture and Water Quality. The Watershed Agricultural Council works with farmers to develop strategies that prevent agricultural runoff from flowing into our reservoirs. This partnership protects our city's water supply while also providing incentives and support to farmers.

NYC H20's debut map in this series, "Exploring the Croton," examines the history of NYC's first watershed. In the 1830’s, when a thirsty New York City looked north for a reliable drinking water supply, City officials eyed the Croton, an expansive river 36 miles north of Manhattan. Between 1842 and 1911, the Croton River and its pristine tributaries would be impounded with several dams. These additions fundamentally altered the upstate landscape and would become the first of three upstate watersheds that make up the monumental water system supplying the City today.