Mavis Cain  Dec.08.2009 Comments

On November 4, a bus load of eager 11th graders from the Academy of Urban Planning studied the water system of the area from the upstate watershed to the Aqueduct.

In our area, they started at the Croton Dam. Student Venise Morales said, "The beauty of it is amazing, especially considering it is man-made." Kiara Rogrigues added "So many people put their lives on the line to make it." And Camille Velasquez noted that the Aqueduct "was built by hand, not by machinery. Irish people came from the potato famine to help build the tunnel..."

Mavis Cain, Carl Grimm and Tom Tarnowsky told the students the fascinating story of John Jervis and his passion for the Aqueduct, to say nothing of his genius in planning it.

Camille concluded "My experience was beautiful. I'm thankful for our water."

And we're thankful that students care to learn about our amazing water system. Thank you, guys and girls, for coming. And thank you Josh Lapidus of the staff, for arranging it.
Mavis Cain