On Sunday, October 8, the Friends hosted a party on the lawns of the Keeper's House to commemorate the October day 175 years ago when Croton water first arrived in New York City.  The rain stopped on cue, and we were able to celebrate the flow of water without any flowing over us. 


State crews under the direction of trail manager Steve Oakes did a wonderful job this summer re-creating the Aqueduct trail in the short but important section between Lamartine Ave. and Bishop William J. Walls Place in Yonkers. It looks like it's always been there. It takes literally 3 minutes to walk the segment.

I recently went to see it; it's 15 minutes or less driving time straight south on Warburton Ave. from Hastings; then turn left onto Lamartine and park on that block. The segment is best seen now or soon, while the trees are still fully leafed out.

Walking south, after you get through the church-school parking lot you'll come to the new trail - a generously wide footpath, packed earth with stone dust and with green borders on either side now that the grass has grown in. As you pass through the new fencing, there is a small but nicely framed view of the Hudson and Palisades.