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The section of the trail between Palisade Avenue and Summit Street on the east-west part of the Aqueduct in Yonkers is closed until further notice. This is due to the mudslide that occurred on March 11, 2015. That section is now fenced and inaccessible to trail users.

Please attend our Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 12 at 2pm.

The relationship of large cities to the natural world is a mass of contradictions. Cities replace habitats with manmade structures of steel and concrete and consume vast amounts of resources from far beyond their
limits. Ironically, cities also represent the last best hope for conserving healthy remnants of the world’s species and ecosystems, and play a crucial role in combating environmental destruction elsewhere.

SIDNEY HORENSTEIN, co-author with Niles Eldredge of their recently published Concrete Jungle, uses the example of New York City to explore these themes from the book. Sidney Horenstein is Geologist and Environmental Educator Emeritus, American Museum of Natural History, and Natural History Consultant with the Bronx County Historical Society. His walking tours, slide presentations, and trove of New York lore attract a wide following. New York’s water supply, including the Croton Aqueduct, is
one of his many areas of expertise.

Main + Astor
across from Metro-North Hudson Line Station

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