On Sunday October 8th, FOCA will celebrate the 175th anniversary of the opening of the Croton Aqueduct with a birthday party at the Keeper's House in Dobbs Ferry. A new exhibit in the Keeper's House, music, games for kids, "Croton Cocktails," food and a chance to sit in a replica of the Croton Maid, the small boat that floated down to New York City on the first water to flow through the Aqueduct. 2 to 6pm. Details to be announced soon.


July success! Over 20,000 invasive plants removed; numerous native trees, bushes and plants saved!

Starting on July 7 and continuing for an entire week, a four person NY-NJ Trail Conference Invasive Strike Force Conservation Corps Crew collaborated with a nine member Excelsior Conservation Corps along with a dedicated band of volunteers and neighbors to continue the ongoing quest of the Friends to remove invasive plants from the northernmost section of the trail. The 20,000 plus invasive plants removed will no longer be impeding views, threatening historic stone walls or choking out the valuable native plants and trees that support local wildlife.