Revolutionary Hastings & Hastings Historical Society

Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 10:00am
Revolutionary Hastings & Hastings Historical Society

Speakers: Fred Charles, Revolutionary Hastings Chair Niles Jaeger, Revolutionary Hastings Vice Chair & Hastings Historical Society Trustee

Location: Revolutionary Walk in Wagner Park, at the intersection of Broadway and Warburton Avenue in Hastings-on-Hudson. (Parking across the street at Zinsser Park, Edgar’s Lane & Broadway. Also walkable on the OCA to Edgar’s Lane and turn west down to Broadway.) The Old Croton Aqueduct Trailway connects hikers to historic places in each community it passes through.

This outdoor lecture and short walk explores fresh perspectives on the details and context of a Revolutionary battle site near the OCA trail in Hastings. The gradual slope walk (.02 mi each way) will explore the ravine where a significant part of the battle took place. On September 30, 1778, along the old Albany Post Road south of Dobbs Ferry (in today’s Hastings-on-Hudson), a combined American force consisting of Continental infantry and cavalry carried out a successful ambush on a marauding Hessian patrol, killing over 15 and taking many prisoners, without suffering significant losses themselves. The Battle of Edgar’s Lane was a psychological boost for the Continental Army and its only real victory in the so-called “Neutral Ground” of Westchester County throughout the war. Fred Charles and Niles Jaeger are part of Revolutionary Hastings, a committee of the Hastings Historical Society formed to create a place to share this local history within the context of the American Revolution and the people who lived here at that time.