FOCAAdmin  Feb.04.2015

If you’ve walked or skied by the Keeper’s House on these cold winter days, you may be wondering what progress is being made. You can see that the gaping east wall is being filled with appropriate bricks. You may be aware that every effort is being made to use the original bricks for repairs to keep the integrity of the house. If we run short of old bricks, some can be rescued from an unnecessary chimney. The other worrisome exterior problem is the southwest corner. You’ll see the scaffolding – a good sign of work in progress. Inside a good part of the roof and floor framing is done. Wall moldings have been removed and tagged to be re-installed. Again, efforts are made to retain as much of the original moldings as possible. And of course saving the two medallions by making small repairs is of prime importance. “ Finish” carpentry is being done as temperature inside permits. Plumbing is 50% complete and electrical panels are in. We are all impatient to see the job done – but an unusually cold spate of weather has not been helpful. Keep your fingers crossed for a benign early Spring! Mavis Cain