Mavis Cain  Nov.30.2016

“ I haven’t had so much fun in years”

That's what one of our new docents said after serving as guide/docent on our weekend Open Days at the Keepers House. He admitted he signed up out of duty since he loves the trail, then discovered what fun it is meeting people from all over the world... Yes, all over the world!

We have had a group from Croatia, five visitors from Germany, and two Quebeqois, among others. Even one Icelander.

Many many come from Brooklyn – even more than Manhattan. It’s as if there is an Aqueduct spirit there. Some take Metro North to stations like Greystone and of course Dobbs Ferry, two stations that are near the trail. Some hardy walkers have done it all on foot.

I have asked visitors from abroad how they find out about us. Some say, “ We Google interesting walks near NYC... and up pops the Aqueduct.”

Most comments in our Guest book are about the restoration of the House, especially after they see Tom Tarnowsky's photo record of the various stages of work. We have pointed out to visitors that the ceiling molding is still not repaired. Some say “ Don’t work on it, The broken parts remind visitors of the past of the House and its residents.”

But one comment about the house stands out, “ It used to be creepy”...... That from one of our younger visitors

Another visitor suggested that on a snowy day, when kids are sliding on our hill, we serve cider and cookies. Good idea! We love it when our visitors make suggestions. And we even welcome those who just dash in to use the restroom. That’s important, too.

Please come by, there's always something new to enjoy. Have you seen our new films? How about the amazing collage of images from both the Old and New Croton Aqueduct? Our docents are eager to speak to you.