FOCAAdmin  Sep.25.2020

It was an impromptu mini event, since protocol demands social distancing and masks… A spontaneous gathering of talents and good cheer, the inspiration of Ildiko Viczian, our member who gives movement and meditation classes. Two guitar musicians were, perhaps, the stars - Sophie Skoggard and Carl’s friend Caroline. Sophie is playing meditative songs and Caroline, in contrast, presents hilarious songs about the London Underground (which after all is under ground like the Aqueduct) followed by a song about the way one little zucchini plant can take over the universe. Two members also bravely stood up and did their thing. Ildiko finally persuaded some of us to follow her healthful movements as we wandered around the lawn. Really, we were not intoxicated.

We are planning another event on the evening of a full moon. Watch for a notice.