FOCAAdmin  Jul.02.2020
OCA detour map around Sleepy Hollow High School

Sleepy Hollow High School is a massive construction site. According to the construction signs, the construction will not end until August 31st. The construction company has only posted one sign on the south end of the construction area for people traveling north on the OCA. Dan Convissor of Bike Tarrytown has also posted a much easier to understand sign at this here AND also across the street from the north side of the construction site so that it can be seen by people traveling south on the OCA. Dan has also posted numerous arrows which are VERY helpful for following a quite complicated detour. He is to be commended. For those needing to follow this detour, Dan's signs and arrows are a great help.

Click HERE to download a printable PDF

Please note that we have compiled a full list of openings and closures HERE that we plan to keep updated and situations change.