TTarnowsky  Dec.11.2015

The 1905 vintage 1000 pound cast iron gate valve actuator from the upper gatehouse of the New Croton Dam has been donated by the NYC DEP to NYS Parks for use as an exhibit at the Keepers House. The hand cranked mechanism that used to control the effluent gates at the dam was picked up from the current Croton gatehouse in Yorktown on Wednesday Dec. 9, to be processed for safe public display by the Peebles Island restoration office of NYS Parks. Once installed, visitors to the Keepers House will be able to get a closeup look. The object is a good illustration of the robust era of American industrial might as well as an example of how the Croton water system was managed for 100 years. Modern electric motor and computer driven valves and mechanisms are being installed now as modern replacements for the 110 year old original machinery of the New Croton Dam.