FOCAAdmin  Jul.23.2018

Have you have ever asked “where does the trail go now?"

Here’s good news.

The Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct commissioned these five informative, helpful signs to be put in places that have had walkers mystified.  Places like the exit from Lyndhurst – smack on to Route 9 in Tarrytown, that has had walkers asking, “ Now what?" 

The connection between trail sections at 119 and Gracemere, where the Thruway intervenes, has been a long-term problem. In Scarborough, where the trail crosses Rte. 9, the enlargement of this section of our map should be most helpful to the walker.

These 5 very visible signs are thanks to the persistent efforts of Sara Kelsey, Katharine Gates and Charlotte Fahn, guided by cartographer Robert Romagnoli and of course Historic Site Manager, Steven Oakes.

Better signage has been  the most consistent request from our members – even those who have completed the 26 mile challenge.  Maybe the quirks in the layout of the trail have given the trail its special character.  A bit of mystery can add to the triumph of walking the whole 26 miles. The Friends are thrilled that these five signs will make the trail an even more enjoyable experience. Next time you come upon one of these signs, let us know if it has been helpful!

Congratulations to all involved.