Mavis Cain  Mar.02.2016

The Friends were thrilled to be asked to give a presentation on February 28 at Wave Hill, the amazing 28 acre estate in the Riverdale section of the Bronx overlooking the Hudson River. Since Wave Hill is within NYC city limits, the neighborhood is not one where we have many members. Although many of us know Wave Hill well as individuals, it is new territory for our outreach. We were not entirely confident of a good audience.

But what a turnout we had! 115 people attended!

The main hall, looking out over the river, filled up fast 20 minutes before the scheduled presentation. Our good friends at Wave Hill hustled to set up more chairs to accommodate about 80 visitors. Mavis Cain and Tom Tarnowsky worked as a team – with Mavis giving the human interest side of creating this 19th Century engineering miracle, and Tom showing his surprising and even somewhat obscure, collection of photos, and engravings, while giving facts that few people know.

We often ask ourselves "Is this more than people want to know?" No worry about that! This audience wanted more! They asked such intelligent and probing questions, that anyone without Tom's vast knowledge would have been stymied.

Mavis loves to quote a second grader who visited the aqueduct tunnel and wrote to her, "The Aqueduct is asam!" This audience of grownups agreed.

We are grateful for the invitation to present and we know we made many new friends. Laurel Rimmer, Assistant Director of Public Programs was so helpful and efficient in promoting the event.

Thank you, Laurel.