FOCAAdmin  Dec.04.2020

The Aqueduct inspires creativity and ingenuity! We love this little house built beside the trail in Sleepy Hollow at Souglas Park!

This “Not for Sale” house is one the trail just south of Gory Brook Road. Go by. Maybe there are cookies and cakes waiting…. Or a witch’s spell. It’s just one of the treasures you’ll find if you do the 26 miles of the trail.

Our neighbor, photographer Mark Liflander (@liflanderphotography), took these wonderful pictures to document their visit.

Peter Royston, another Sleepy Hollow neighbor says: "There's MAGIC happening over at Douglas Park in Sleepy Hollow! Mysterious artists (fairies? elves? spirits?) have begun building beautiful mini houses and buildings - just in time for the holidays. Sources tells me that more will be appearing throughout December! Ceck them out!"