FOCAAdmin  Mar.01.2015

Left to right: Steven Oakes, Historic Site Manager; Tony Failla and Jeff Litwinowicz. Photo: Linda Cooper

These are our three trail heroes who not only patrol and protect and solve problems on all 26 miles of the trail, they do it with a smile – and an occasional growl from Tony for any careless behavior on the trial by outsiders. If you pay a visit to the barn in the summer you might be given a prize tomato or maybe even a squash offered by Tony who keeps a garden at the trailer. If you come by the barn at lunch time in the winter, often the three guys are enjoying each other’s company over a sandwich.

Tony's moments of power are when he is running the chipper and grinding up huge pieces of wood while warning volunteers to keep away from the wood-eating monster... Jeff is loved by all Aqueduct kids because he joshes them and has a big smile behind the beard. Mavis’ grandson always asks before an event, “ Will Jeff be there?”

Steven, our Historic Site Manager, is our prodigal hero who left us for three years to supervise the “Walk over the Hudson” We managed to get him back and his easy cooperation with the Friends is a service to all.

Tony, Jeff and Steven always welcome a visit to the trailer or the barn. So come and say Hello.