FOCAAdmin  Apr.27.2011

You'll remember the grant the Friends received to do this important piece of trail work. The first step of the work has been made with Steven Oakes, former site manager descending into the dark and murky depths of the tunnel in the area where the work will be done. The integrity of the brick work has to be ascertained.

Those of us who watched as the descent began couldn't help wondering how did James Bremner, the first engineer keeper, do it in the 1840's? He didn't have an oxygen tank, a hardhat with light, a radio and nine people standing by to help. The rescue squad was on the alert and one person walked with a radio on top of the tunnel to be ready to respond to " Help!" from Steven. It was all very exciting and Steven reported that apart from the muck in the tunnel, its condition is good where the work will be done.

Everyone who gave so generously to help us meet the match will be as thrilled as we are to know the project is underway. By end of summer the rocky, hazardous slope will be smoothed out and the ramp for the handicapped as well as the stairs will be in place.

Mavis Cain