STGorman  Dec.24.2015

Not since my wife and I moved to Yonkers in 2008 have we seen a year like this on the OCA. It has been beeeeyutiful!! In summary:


  • April-clean-up day in Yonkers=300 vols, 27,000 lbs. of debris
  • May-Love My Park Day=bigger than ever


  • crosswalks/signage/curb cuts in Yonkers
  • improved connections to Lenoir Preserve & Untermyer Gdn.
  • masonry repairs to weir houses & vents
  • continued removal of invasives, improved trail maintenance

Historic Waypoints:

  • Highbridge opening!
  • Keeper's house....saved!!
  • Untermyer-record attendance year,record fundraising
  • Saw Mill River daylighting-Yonkers phase 3 approved


  • Easily doubled in Yonkers in 2015 due to continued revitalization of the city and renewed interest in the trail


  • 500 and counting....

Bravo to our uber-active membership and tireless prez and board. Take a breath, 2016 is coming.